Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grocery Store Envy

I have grocery store envy. It is not something that I am proud of, but I do. I see posts of great deals at stores like Kroger and Aldi, but you know what? We don’t have those stores where I live. It’s sad I know. :) We have Wal-Mart, (don’t like the meat as much, but the prices are the best we have around), Winn-Dixie (better meat, BOGO sales, but the prices tend to be higher) and we have Oak Point (AWESOME store, but only a 2 store chain some prices tend to be higher, but worth it).

Let me tell you why I am ok with my newfound envy. I have Oak Point. This is the BEST store I have ever shopped in. Their motto is “Love where you shop” and I DO! Have you ever stood forever in a line while there are a lot of other registers sitting there and not being used? That doesn’t happen at Oak Point. Don’t you hate it when you ask someone where something is and they have no clue even though they work there, or worse you can’t even find someone to ask? Not at Oak Point, I swear you can’t turn a corner without someone asking you if you need help and don’t think you can get near the register without one of the smiling cashiers asking if you are ready to check out. Does your grocery store meet you at your car with an umbrella when its raining and then walk you back out so that you stay dry? Mine does. There are never buggies in the parking lot because they are always putting them back up and SANITZING THEM. Yes they sanitize the buggies for you. The bag boys are all willing to help you load your groceries in you car, too bad I can’t bring them home to carry them inside too. :) But, my favorite thing is the bakery, oh the bakery. There are yummy cakes and cookies galore and they have shrimp dip to die for.

So why am I going on about my favorite store? It does something that I had only heard about from my grandparents in a time gone by, they take care of their customer and they appreciate them. It saddens me to know that it not the norm anymore, but the exception to the rule.  If you get a chance to go by and check out thier website please do.   I was not compensated in any way for this and all opinions are my own.

Why do you keep going to your favorite store?

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