Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When Life Gives You Chicken, Make Chicken Salad????

So my wonderful husband and I have decided to get debt free! Part of that includes not eating out for lunch while I am at work, pair this with the challenge from our Pastor at church Sunday to try to be cheerful all week long and you have recipe for DISASTER.

Last night when I was putting away leftovers I packed my lunch for today-yummy rice and gravy, mmmmmm. This morning after the kids tried their hardest to make me scream and yell by not being ready for the school bus by our normal time, I won I didn't yell. I calmly told them 1,000 times reminded them what time it was and they got ready. I didn't even get mad when my precious daughter forgot something in the house and had to go back in. While she was taking forever getting her wallet the bus came and I asked the bus driver to just pick her up on the way back out. I had succeeded! I left for work with my "rice and gravy" safely next to me in the passenger seat, although it seemed a bit watery.

I made it work and put my food in the fridge and realized that I hadn't brought rice and gravy I brought the leftover chicken. I kept myself calm and I thought to myself that I would have to go and get lunch somewhere, but then I had a flash of brilliance (ok, it was more like a flicker) I would make chicken salad! So, I got the mayo and mustard out of the fridge and even found pickles! I thought I would have some crackers to eat with it, but they were less than fresh, so chicken salad it was.

I know that this isn't a huge deal, but it was a test and I passed and I wanted to share it with all of the world!


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